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Avaya IP Office 500v2 Cabinet with expansion module and 9608 IP Phone

Easy to Use, Easy to Manage

The Avaya IP Office 500 v2 platform provides an easy to use graphical interface for managing your system.

Simply Connected will train your administrator on common functions such as: changing extensions, resetting mailbox passwords and changing holiday greetings, allowing for most changes can be made in-house without costly service calls.

Remote System Management: Make changes to your system while off-site. Simply Connected can also make changes for a fraction of the cost of a full service call.

Easy Backups: All system settings can easily be backed up, should your system ever crash or you make a programming error, the backup can be reverted to instantly.

Scalable and Future Ready


The Avaya IP Office has a single expandable core cabinet regardless your company size. You will never have to replace the system cabinet as you grow or add additional features down the road. Start with 2 phones at a single site and expand up to 1000 phones over multiple sites. 

Add the features you need, as you need them. Features such as call recording, detailed reports or even integration to can all be easily added down the road. The 
Avaya DevConnect marketplace enables you to choose from many Avaya approved add-on features that are compatible with your system.

​The IP Office system offers the use of Digital, Analog and IP sets simultaneously allowing you to choose devices based on your needs and infrastructure.


Avaya IP Office web management interface GUI

Voicemail to e-mail & PC Integration Included

The Avaya IP Offices comes bundled with voicemail to e-mail and TAPI PC integration right out of the box. 

Voicemail to e-mail: Visually receive voicemail in your e-mail or on your smartphone. Prioritize, flag, forward or delete messages with ease.

Click to dial: Included for all users, this features allows a PC user to click 'dial' for any contact in your Outlook, ACT, Goldmine (or other TAPI) address book to have your phone set immediately connect you. No more mis-dialed numbers.

Voicemail to e-mail
Avaya IPhone App


Avaya IP Office has several mobility options, from basic call forwarding to full fledged desk set capability on your mobile device. 

  • Streamline communications with colleagues and clients by having one unified phone number, mailbox and conference bridge whether you are at your desk or mobile.
  • View colleagues presence while out of the office to save time and avoid phone tag.
  • Transfer client calls directly from your mobile device to a colleague.
  • Send an instant message for quick questions.