System Installation and User Training

Even more important than the system you choose is the careful planning, professional installation and detailed user training for your new phone system. Even the best phone system will be useless if it isn't configured properly for your organizations needs or if the users aren't properly trained to ensure they can utilize the new features. Don't let a bad installation ruin your new system experience. 

Simply Connected takes great pride in all our installations, we start with detailed system planning and detailed user training to ensure your new system doesn't let you down.


New System Implementation Planning
In order to ensure a smooth implementation we rely heavily on a detailed plan prior to any technicians coming out.

After deciding to implement a new system we will co-ordinate a time to meet on-site and run through the specifics of your site to answer questions such as where the system will be mounted,  do you have battery backup, is the room suitable to house telecom equipment and do we need any additional cabling?

We will also spend a great deal of time on how to program the new system, what the auto attendant recordings will be, which phones sets (if any) will be blocked from making long distance calls, the groups of users requiring training and any other requirements that are important for your organization.

Proper implementation planning ahead of time ensures there is no confusion and your installation goes as planned in advance.


User and Administrator Training
Every installation performed by Simply Connected includes comprehensive user and administrator training,  training is provided in groups based on the users needs. Typical training for users is approximately 30 minutes per group.

A typical grouping for training is:
Mobile users - users who will rely heavily on mobile applications.
Light office users - users who need to know basic functions such as how to receive and place calls as well as check voicemail.
Heavy office users - users who rely heavily on the phone and will need to know advanced features such as setting up conference calls, transferring to mobile users and recording calls.
Reception staff - Reception staff who will be handling a heavy call volume, may need training on the Reception PC console and even some training on basic system administration (i.e. deleting locked voicemail passwords, adding a user).
System Administrators - Usually 1-2 admin staff receive advanced system management training on how to make system backups, add/delete users, setup remote extensions and more. Admin training is typically longer at around 1-1.5 hours.