No Expensive Equipment

Begin using your Hosted VoIP system right away without expensive up-front capital costs.

Simple Rates

Simply Connected keeps your rates simple and easy to understand. A per user fee is all you pay.

No More Headaches

We handle everything on the backend so you can focus on your business. Every system is fully managed remotely and on-site as needed.

Step 1 - Choose phones


Step 2 - Choose a monthly plan


Standard User
(voicemail, multiple call paths, web based portal, mobility), unlimited North America calling
Basic User
(ATA, Kitchen phone, Lobby phone, etc)

Step 3 - Choose add-on's

   Auto Attendant 
Toll Free Number   
Fax to E-mail   
Additional Direct # (DID)
Extended phone warranty 

That's it!

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Take the complexity out of your phone system.


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