Simple Web Based Management

The management interface for the Digium Switchvox, Grandstream UCM, Fortivoice and the Avaya IP Office all come with a simple to use browser based management interface which can be accessed both on-site or remotely.

Allows for simple in-house management, eliminates expensive technician visits for minor changes, remote support enables quicker response times as well as reduced charges. 

Business Phone System Web Manager | System Management

Phone System Management

IP Office System Status Utility
Visual on System Utilization


Many organizations do not have an accurate view into the utilization of their phone system, often resulting in system issues and lost client calls prior to the problem being rectified.

All new business phone systems from Simply Connected come with visual summary of system status and utilization. The Switchvox and IP Office 
systems can also be setup to send an e-mail notification anytime system resources are low ensuring that you can respond prior to the bottleneck becoming an issue.

If you opt for an advanced support package with Simply Connected, error reporting will be setup during install to ensure we are notified of any potential issues and can login remotely to monitor the system prior to the issue causing problems for your organization.

Changes Pushed to Devices Immediately


Any changes made through the web or software management interface immediately populate to all phone sets with digital labels.

No more worrying about replacement of paper labels, easy to deploy to a large quantity of phones, changes made remotely will automatically be reflected on phone sets.

Avaya 9508 Digital Buttons Updates