Optional Advanced Features

When you buy a new phone system there are many features you can add on. Just like your smartphone you can obtain certified apps to enhance your system beyong basic dialtone. For the Avaya system you can visit the Avaya Marketplace where they have many system add-on's. For Switchvox you can check out http://developers.digium.com/switchvox/ where developers have built custom add-on's. 


Some of the most common advanced features are detailed below. If you have a need beyond these, please inquire.

Full Time Call Recording & Archiving

Full time recording of calls can easily be added to any system regardless of size. Wether you want to record a single extension or every call that is made through the system there is a call recording package suitable for you.

All recorded calls will be archived for easy retrieval through a simple to use graphical interface. Call recording is great to resolve disputes, train staff or measure service levels. 

Call recording can be implemented for local, remote or even mobile phone users ensuring that no conversation gets missed.

Please inquire for a personalized live demo of all the features.

Detailed Call Reporting


Most organizations are unaware of the service levels they provide over the phone, with newer phone systems adding detailed call reporting is extremely simple and will give you valuable insight into how well you are assisting callers and your employee productivity levels.

Monitor key metrics for: 

  • Volume of calls by time of day, staff member or other criteria
  • Number of missed or abandoned calls and duration of response time
  • Number of inbound calls received for a particular marketing campaign

and many more customized to your unique needs.

Please inquire about a web demo as well as 30 day free trial for your system.

Browser Portal for Phone System

Switchboard for Switchvox, One-X Portal for IP Office and other phone system portals allow allows complete call control for your device of choice (deskphone, mobile phone, home phone, softphone) via a Graphical Browser Interface.

  • Provides access to company directory with presence

  • Answer, hold, record a phone call, setup a conference call and more all with the click of your mouse

  • Integrated Instant Messaging (IM) with federated messaging with non-manufacturer specific clients such as Google Talk

  • Browser based application allows use regardless of operating system or computer being used. Call logs, voicemail and all other features are synchronized regardless of computer used to access interface