Nortel Modular ICS (MICS)

Avaya Compact ICS (CICS)

The Nortel / Avaya Modular ICS (MICS) is a very reliable phone system for larger offices with up to 192 telephone sets. This unit is usually accompanied by a Callpilot 150, Flash or NAM voicemail which provides voicemail and Auto Attendant features for this phone system.

The Nortel Modular ICS has been a very popular phone system and despite being discontinued is still in use by many businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Avaya continues to provide modules and keycodes for these phone systems until October 2013.

Simply Connected continues to service the Modular ICS phone system and Callpilot / Flash voicemail. In addition, Avaya has a very affordable upgrade path for keeping your existing Nortel or Avaya phone sets while upgrading your phone system to an Avaya IP Office 500. Contact us via e-mail or phone for a quick quote on upgrading your phone system today.





Upgrading your MICS phone system

Although the Modular ICS has now been discontinued and availability of new parts & keycodes is nearing it's end, Avaya has provided a great upgrade path from this system. 

In many cases you can continue to keep all of your existing phone sets and only upgrade the main PBX box to an Avaya IP Office 500 system.

Apart from older phones, this option provides the same level of reliability and feature set as a brand new Avaya IP Office system. Your 'old' handsets will have new features such as:

- A graphical PC based administration of phone set and system settings

- Reliable phone system and voicemail

- Voicemail to e-mail for all users

- Ability to have remote phone sets for teleworkers that are part of your business phone system

- Advanced mobility options for users on the run

- Click to dial phone numbers from Microsoft Outlook and other compatible applications

- Ability to utilize Internet (VoIP / SIP) phone lines for cost savings and advanced features

- Conference calling (meet-me & ad-hoc) beyond 3 parties

Click the following link to find out more about the Avaya IP office phone system and e-mail us to get a quote on upgrading your existing phone system today:

Contact Simply Connected to arrange a meeting and find out  which phone system will be best for your business.