IP System Advanced Mobility Options

iPhone & Android app for Visual Control

Seamless integration and visual control through your mobile device regardless of your location.

  • Dial clients from your mobile device and push out the company caller ID
  • Send an instant message for quick questions.

• Transfer client calls directly from your mobile device to a colleague.

Avaya IP Office Web Manager | System Management

Newer Business Phone Systems such as the Digium Switchvox and Avaya IP Office system come with several mobility options, from basic call forwarding to a complete integration with the phone system. These features allow your remote workers to continue working outside the office without a hiccup.

IP Office System Status Utility
Visual Voicemail


The mobile app provides a visual interface to access all of your office voice messages. Prioritize voice messages, easily rewind, delete or view the users presence and call back to streamline communications. 

Apps are compatible with Android and iPhone.

Visual Control of Conference Calls


Setting up a conference call while mobile no longer needs to be a tedious and confusing task. With Visual Conference Call control you can easily utilize the systems built in conference bridge to setup a conference call, mute individual participants or even disconnect certain participants when required.

Avaya 9508 Digital Buttons Updates
IP Office System Status Utility
View Your Corporate Directory with Presence


The Mobile interface allows you to view your corporate directory regardless of your location. If a manager makes changes to the directory the phone numbers in your mobile device are automatically updated. No more having to remember colleague extensions or phone numbers.

The colour coded presence indicator beside each contact informs you on their availability ensuring you don't waste valuable time calling a busy colleague.