Unlimited VOIP Providers

With Switchvox, you get to choose which VOIP Provider you want to use. You might even use more than one for redundancy or cost-savings. It can be simple to set up a provider, but an extensive set of options lets you fine tune the interaction if you need to. Switchvox supports SIP and IAX protocols.

Technology Choices

Video Calling

Video calling is built right into Switchvox, so all you need is a video-capable phone. Switchvox supports the common video codecs H.263 and H.264, and it works with a video-capable desk phone or softphone.


Peered Switchvoxes

Switchvox systems can be linked together ("peered") so you can easily make calls between your offices, and all you need is your internet connection. This means quick-and-easy dialing, and, more importantly, it can mean a big cost-savings.


Analog Phone Lines

Switchvox supports analog interface cards for making calls over traditional analog (PSTN) phone lines. Cards are purchased separately. They can come already installed or added later if you need to.

IP or Analog Phones

With Switchvox, you get to choose which IP phones you want to use. If you already have analog phones, you might decide to keep them and use adapters.  (Although you can use an analog phone without an  adapter, many Switchvox features won't be available.)


Special Codec Support

Switchvox includes the G.722 high quality audio codec, also known as wideband audio, or HDvoice. Also, G.729 is supported and can be purchased for a minimal cost. G.729  can be helpful in an area where bandwidth is limited.

Digital Phone Lines

Switchvox supports interface cards for T1/E1/PRI and BRI, for making calls over digital phone lines. Cards are purchased separately, and can come already installed or can be added later if you need to.

Fax Technology

Faxing is only supported over an analog or PRI channel, otherwise incoming fax detection and fax quality will be compromised. If you choose to handle faxes over SIP, then we recommend a SIP provider using T.38.