Avaya User Training



Avaya IP Office 500v2 Cabinet with expansion module and 9608 IP Phone


Welcome to your new Avaya phone system.

Below you will find a user training video with instruction on how to complete simple tasks such as make and answer calls, place callers on hold, set up impromptu ad-hoc conference calls, check your voice messages visually and more.

Avaya 9508 Basic Usage

This video highlights the basic functions of your new telephone set including: 


Making a Call

Depending on how your system is configured you can place a call by simply dialling the 10 digit number. Alternatively your system may be configured to require a '9' or '8' to access an outside line.


Internal Intercom calls can always be made by simply dialling the appropriate extension.

Answering Calls

A flashing appearance button indicates an alerting call. This may also be accompanied by ringing and the the message lamp flashing depending on how your system was configured.

If you are currently not on a call:

· To quiet the ringing, press Ignore. The call will still continue alerting visually.

· To redirect the call to your mailbox, press To VM if shown.

· To answer the call using the handset, lift the handset.

· To answer the call handsfree, press the SPEAKER key.

· To answer the call on a headset, press the HEADSET key.

Once you have answered the call, you can switch between different talk modes: · To switch to using the handset, simply lift the handset. · To switch to handsfree, press the SPEAKER key. If you were using the handset you can now replace it. · To switch to headset mode, press the HEADSET key. If you were using the handset you can now replace it.

· Pressing the call's appearance key or any other appearance key will put the call on hold.

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Avaya 9508 Conference Calling 

A video showing how to start ad-hoc conference calls on the Avaya IP Office 9508 digital phones:

- How to add participants

- How to mute & unmute participants

- Disconnecting participants


Avaya 9508 Visual Voicemail

This video highlights the basic functions of visual voicemail for your 9508: 


Checking Voicemail Messages

Checking Voicemail messages for a shared mailbox

Changing Voicemail Greeting

Changing Voicemail Password

Changing Voicemail to e-mail function

To cycle through voicemail to e-mail options for your mailbox press the 'Message' button on your phone, scroll down to 'Email' and press 'Change' to toggle through: 

- Off (Voicemail is not sent to e-mail)

- Copy (Voice messages appear on the phone and are also copied to an e-mail address, both copies must be deleted separately)

- Forward (Voicemail messages do NOT appear on the phone, they are only sent off to an e-mail address and deleted)

- Alert (Ideal if voicemail is sensitive, sends a notification of a new voice message)

* The e-mail address for voicemail to e-mail must be adjusted by your administrator

* Voicemail to e-mail will only work if the system has this function enabled

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